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My first motorcycle was a 1974 Indian MT100 that I bought when I started lobstering as a teenager.  Though the bike was marketed as a motocross bike, it was severely under powered, had short and soft suspension, and parts were few and far between even then as a new bike, it did the trick. I was hooked.


Before too long I got a used Honda 125 Elsinore, an then got my first "big bore" and  what would become one of my favorite bikes, a new 1978 Yamaha IT175. 

Over the years I've had many motorcycles, mopeds and scooters, some needing a lot of work, some none at all.

IMG_1254 2.JPG

I recently picked up a 1987 IT175F, initially not running I was fairly easily get it to run, giving me the confidence that it was worth a restoration as my new woods bike.  This blog will show some of the work done to get this old bike back as my woods bike.  


You will also find some useful OEM information here too if you have an old IT or are thinking about getting one.

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