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Our decision to build a tiny house started several years ago after much discussion and research.  We were able to acquire a nice piece of land in the town of Owls Head where I grew up.

Interestingly, there is nothing new about tiny homes in the United States, Henry David Thoreau published Walden as a nod to his life at the pond while living in a 150 sq/ft dwelling.  The current interest in tiny homes likely had its start in the late 1980's with Lester Walkers book Tiny Houses: or how to get away from it all.  The great recession also had a tremendous impact on how many people started to think about their homes.

At just over 600 sq/ft, our small home feels anything but tiny. Our approach to a small home started at Hill View Mini Barns in Sabattus Maine that provided the basic shell which we then finished. 


This past year we began to rent our small house through Airbnb ( see our listing here ) and have been developing a small consulting and rental company meant to give people both a vacation experience and introduction to small home living.

Photos and editing was done by me, music is credited to Mild Wild playing "Particular Pace".

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