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Ooops I did it again

Updated: Feb 10

Well, I found my next lost cause on Craigslist for $300, but was able to pick it up for just $200. That's right I got myself a non running but complete 1987 RM125H!

A deal right? Well, Kati didn't exactly see it that way but she did come around. Sort of.

The only serious problem, other than not starting, was there was zero compression. As it turned out, the jug was at the end of its life and had bored over twice already though it was a mystery why I wasn't getting any compression, the piston was new, the right was new and so was the gasket. So I had Pudgy's Cycle look at it, and he verified that it was 56mm and not stock 54mm, and in good enough shape that it should fire. After thinking about it I realized the gasket I got was for stock 54mm so I got a 56mm and a few kicks later...


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