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LL Bean Watches post Hamilton

Updated: Jan 20

Most people who know me know that I prefer to wear wrist watches versus Apple watch or similar devices. There's nothing the matter with them, and I have tried an Apple watch, but it's just not for me. It does not have a feel that a nice watch does.

So I wanted to show a little bit of my watches, which are all post LL Bean/Hamilton - their field watches are classic, both mechanical and quartz versions. However my interests are from the early 1990's onward. One of my favorites is their 1992 gold tone field watch with blue dial. These watches with the blue dial white hands were only made a couple years just after Bean's and Hamilton parted ways, and aside from the blue dial are recognizable with the markings "FRENCH MOVT TAIWAN DIAL" at the 6 o'clock position.

Though not as "classic" as the old Bean/Hamilton watches it replaced, there is something both elegant and practical with the gold and blue. I also like the simplicity of the back case which is simply marked and not engraved as the backs have been since, with scenes of jumping trout, moose, or mountain ranges - nice but a little overboard for me.

Though I tend to wear my LL Bean self-illuminating sportwatch to work (I do a fair amount of walking and interacting with people in service coordination), I find myself wearing this field watch to "after hours" events, parties, and what not.

As for my sport watch, I bought the original watch

about 7 years ago, but after having had the battery changed at a local jewelry store I managed to get moisture inside the watch. After talking it over with the good folks at LL Bean they suggested the gasket was likely not replaced or lubricated thus allowing moisture in, since then I've always replaced my own batteries.

The watch has some heft, but is not oppressive, and the tritium tubes are indeed very bright, it is a great watch and why I wear it daily.


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