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Chicago, Chicago

Updated: Jan 20

One of the colleges Kelen wants to go to is the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), so with that in mind we decided to take a trip to Chicago, though not my first time there, it was the first time I was there and relaxed and just be in the downtown, pretty easy since we were able to get a great deal and stay at the Palmer House downtown!

Along with visiting SAIC and very mild weather, we were able to just walk around downtown and take in the expected sights like the expected Cloud Gate aka the bean, and Willis Tower up to the 103rd floor literally in the clouds! As well as take in some of sights and even a little shopping.

One of the interesting billboards we first saw was of the iconic Warhol Cambel Soup print, it was directly

across the street from us at the Palmer House so we could not pass up our 15 minutes...

Anyway, below are some of the photos from our visit

to the (not so) windy city, we had a great time and who

know's maybe we'll be back again!


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