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My Mother passed away

In a call this morning from my sister, I learned my mother passed away quietly last night, July 4th at about 8:30pm. It sounds so odd, but I knew when she passed. At about that time last night for nearly a minute, I heard music in my head that was quite loud, as if I was wearing headphones. Though I was not. I did not recognize the music, though I found it entirely familiar, it was just something I knew. I remember thinking to myself; 'I think Mom just passed'. She did.

She was ready, and we talked about this a number of times after Dad's passing last year. She was ready to go, and to certain extent I'm happy that she was largely able to do what she wanted, when she wanted, and the way she wanted to the end. Though I am very sad that she is gone, I'm immensely proud and happy for the 54 years I was able to know and love her. I miss both her and Dad every day, though I also feel some solace in understanding the seeds they planted in me more than to be sad, but to be thoughtful and resolute in my rememberances.

Mom, Dad us kids and spouses.

Mom earlier this year with her 'granddog' Blossom, who she looked forward to seeing and spending time with.


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