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A few weeks a go our friend and long time companion "Isaac" passed away. He was one of the best dogs I have ever known, but a severe lymph tumor which had been growing on his hind leg and paw had finally gotten the better of him.

This is one of the last photo's of Issac with his good friend Blossom. If you look closely you can see on Isaac's hind leg the small tumor that was growing on his knee, and below that you can see the dog boot we have on his paw to protect the open wound from that tumor. There was literally no way to make the wound heal, he had several infections that we had to treat and eventually we could not keep up with the infections. We all miss you!

To our amazement, not long after Isaac's passing, we became aware of another Schnauzer in need of a home.

Let me introduce you to Fred.

Fred is a white and liver Parti Schnauzer who was rescued from an Amish puppy mill in New York and came to a group here in Maine Passion for Pets Rescue. I highly recommend checking out this team of caring people, whether looking to help an animal or support their efforts.

Though Fred is shy, skittish and quiet boy, he is very, very smart and loving. He is still learning he does not need to walk in circles, how to walk on a leash outside, and how to play with his new pack. But daily we are seeing improvements in his growth as a great dog!

Despite being small in stature for a Mini Schnauzer, about 10lbs he is already starting to clearly demonstrate he is the alpha with his brother Harry and sister Blossom. In particular, his very calm but resolute demeanor has had a positive impact on Harry helping him to find out how he fits into the pack dynamics, and calming his somewhat anxious personality.

We are so appreciative of the good folks at Passion for Pets for bringing Fred into our lives, we know he will be a wonderful friend.

Thank you!


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