• John L Painter

My first service coordination presentation

I received confirmation today that my presentation proposal for the 2019 New England Resident Service Coordinator (NERSC) conference was accepted!

My workshop is targeted to new RSC’s such as myself, and is focused on building empathy in service coordination, especially in elderly and disabled housing. My objective is to help meet HUD’s new Standards for Success (SfS) through clearer understanding of the difference between empathy and sympathy, and assist other RSC’s understand and utilize Rogerian person centered approaches to service coordination. In particular working with people using approaches service coordination such as Nonviolent Communication (NVC) developed by Marshall Rosenberg.

Though I have a strong background in all stages of program development, as well as working in direct services in behavioral health, I see things through fresh eyes in service coordination. In public housing, I find people struggling with some of the basics of expressing feelings and needs and in the process missing opportunities to improve their quality of life.

I also hope to advocate within my company and the larger RSC community for more inclusion of QoL metrics as essential for understanding the needs of people, and the invaluable role safe and affordable housing plays in a great society. Can't wait until May and going to the conference!


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