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Welcome Blossom!

So, this is how we have spend the past few days when a number of Mini Schnauzers showed up in Maine for rescue from a Texas high kill shelter. Blossom and her brother Jeremy were in the mix, but ironically not from Texas, they are Mainers. Sadly, their previous owner who had raised and showed Schnauzers is elderly and several years ago when he lost his wife started having difficulty maintaining his five remaining Schnauzers.

At approximately 7 years old and clearly having led a very sedentary life, both Blossom and her brother are very overweight and have horrible dentatation, Blossom will be having dental work done in the middle of July, once she is settled in a little bit, she will need a number of extractions unfortunately. She is already on a reduced calorie diet and starting to exercise. We notice she does not like to eat crunchy food, and suspect this is related to her dental problems, so for now she eats her food softened in water.

Blossom is very petite for a Mini Schnauzer even with a lot of fat rolls she's only 11lbs, her brother is also very petite, so I do not think they are Mini Schnauzers but "Toy Schnauzers" she will probably be closer to 9lbs once she is at the right weight for her size. Though I'm not a fan of Toy or Teacup Schnauzers, the breeder clearly did a great job with selecting for temperament and she also the outline for a very good shape once she loses some of the fat. For now, Blossom is timid and follows Kati and I everywhere, she is especially bonded with Kati. She does not pay too much attention to Isaac and Harry yet, though has started to stand next to Isaac. We hope Isaac will help her adjust like he did with Martha, but Blossom has some legitimate grieving to do having lost her family and gone through so much change, though there is good news, one of our friends up the street adopted her brother Jeremy! So once they have some time to settle into new homes, and routines they will see each other again.

Blossom after her first haircut on the sofa with Isaac monitoring the street as people and cars go by. Like good Schnauzers, they take this work very seriously.

As a side note, Isaac still has cancer, but his foot with the tumor has healed almost completely, we are using a powder the vet gave us to help it heal and we keep a sock on his paw so he does not chew it. So, once again he walks and runs like he used to (but with a sock), sadly he has lost a lot of muscle mass in his hind quarters and his hips feel very bony. For now he is very much himself and active enjoying being a dog, we're glad we did not put him through surgery to remove his leg.


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