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Free greenhouse?

Yup, while looking through Craigslist last weekend I found a free greenhouse over the river in Auburn and it was in excellent condition! Though six of the roof panels had broken last winter from weight of the snow, the greenhouse frame and all other panels were in great shape even the sliding door.

So the gentleman who was selling his house and just had too many things helped me take it apart and even gave me the pressure treated 2x6 wood base and plant stands for the inside. Though I had photos of it together, after taking it apart and putting it back together was a little challenging at first until I got all the pieces laid out correctly. Last night I finished assembly and a small stone base for it. Now I need to either find or buy some corrugated plastic sheets for the roof panels, personally I don't even know if I want them as translucent as the ones on it, maybe a bit opaque would help keep things from just burning out? There is a lot of sun in that spot as you can tell by the large rhubarb patch, so the green house will be more for the early spring and later summer, and who knows maybe even some winter gardening.


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