• John L Painter

1985 Honda VF500 Interceptor

So last week I picked up an old Interceptor for $200 from a guy who had it in his wood pile. I was a little dubious when he said he was riding it to work last year, but stopped riding after he broke the starter switch and choke cable, but everything is there and in remarkable good shape so I handed over the $200.

Luckily I got an old cable and fixed the choke pretty quick, then I spent the past week figuring out why I wasn't getting any spark, then it dawned on me after looking at the wiring diagram that I needed to jumper a couple wires at the same time to get it to fire and run. Duh!

So here it is running.

Quick update, I've got the bike plated as an antique and basic running condition, the carbs are dirty so it does not run well, however it is super comfortable and handles well.


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