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Our original family tiny house

Over the weekend a number of my family members and I who are part a land trust set up to oversee 76 acres of land spanning from Pitchers Pond down to Ducktrap Stream in Linconville, Maine had a flurry of discussion about if, or how we might be able to restore the log cabin built by our grandparents and parents just after the second world war.

Most of us learned to hunt, fish and work on the land in a responsible way spending countless hours in all seasons at that cabin. It is both a special place for us and for Maine flora and fauna, with substantial deer herds, ruffed grouse and other upland animals. There is also a wild alewife run up the Ducktrap to Pitchers Pond, as well as a small but stable population of Atlantic salmon and fresh water clam unique to several streams in the state. Much of the land is under the state's tree growth program with a forester's approved plan for periodic harvesting of trees done in a sustainable way.

Despite a lot of time spent at the camp and maintenance work over the years, we have substantial problems with some of the logs due to rot. Much of the areas that have rot have been repaired with various types of patching over the years and we are at a point where it will quickly become a serious problem.

We are currently evaluating several options for funding the work, though with rough estimates of needing nearly $30k due to the scope of the work and environmental restrictions because of how close to the waterfront the camp is, much remains unclear. Ideas range from selling a portion of the land to developing several tiny homes on the property as a Thoreau-type retreat to be rented out Airbnb style.

The following video of the initial construction shows my grandfather, my father and mother, my uncle, my aunt and my two brothers when they were very young. Enjoy, and if you have any ideas how we might tackle the issue with our camp, drop me a line, I'd love to hear!


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