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Summer in Owls Head

It seemed fitting as the weather cools and the days are short to post a few photos of some of summer with our cottage finally finished, well for the big things anyway. Most of these photos were shot with my Nikon D50, though I continue to shoot a lot with my iPhone.

This photo at Birch Point was on a spectacular sunny warm day, quite a few people were at the beach.

Another photo of Birch Point and below that Owls Head Harbor, but the image to the right is a batch of mackerel I caught down at the Harbor and smoked, it was delicious with some local ginger beer.

The summer was a mixed bag of weather, though there were not many uncomfortable hot, muggy days, there were quite a few days that were rainy and foggy especially early in the summer. The fog one morning over the Keag River, just down the road from the cottage in So. Thomaston despite being old, run down and crumbling, seemed to fit with the landscape. That bridge was just replaced with a new steel I-beam bridge and is taller and wider and a lot safer to go over or under but I find myself really liking the "look" of the old bridge. The sea, the objects including myself shaped by the sea gives me a sense of belonging.

I think of some notes by Walt Whitman.

The soul or spirit transmutes itself into all matter—into rocks, and can [illeg.] live the life of a rock—into the sea, and can feel itself the sea.


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