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Remembering Martha

Last week we lost Martha, our Mini Schnauzer girl who we adopted as a rescue from a Missouri puppy mill. Martha came to us via her foster Mom Hanna who was living and working in Portland at the time.

Martha was extremely timid when we first brought her home, and did not come out of her crate for several days.

It took months before she allowed people to really touch her and to come to us, sadly it was not until after Spaulding our first Schnauzer passed and we adopted Isaac that she learned how to wag her tail and really became a snuggle-bug. Martha and Isaac were bonded, they loved stalking each other through the house each weekend then taking turns chasing each other around. Earlier this spring we had adopted Harry from our friend Denise (who was also Isaac's foster Mom), and Harry and Martha learning all kinds of tricks from each other like barking at the mailman, climbing into the bay window in our living room and running. Martha loved to just run as fast as she could, you could see her smile when she was just able to cut loose and run as fast as possible.

Though Martha had had several medical situations over the years, including horrible dentation from when she was in the puppy mill, and a couple years back some "sludge" starting to build up in her gall bladder which was treated, she was healthy and happy. Several weeks ago we notices her voice had become hoarse when she barked we didn't think too much of it since she barked a lot. Then a week ago we noticed her abdomen seemed to be swelling.

I took her to the vet and he did an ultrasound and confirmed what he was seeing and feeling the exam, that she had a mass in her spleen and was retaining fluids. She still had some dignity so the doctor sent us home to make our peace. Martha had a wonderful last day, walking through the bushes with the other dogs, laying in the sun a little bit, spending some alone time with each of us. But by Wednesday evening her breathing was becoming labored and she was not able to keep her food down or jump up very well.

We spent the last moments together as a family and Martha knew she was loved.

We miss our puppy girl and her sweet, loving and protective personality, and her snaggle tooth.


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