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Update on new boat

I got some excellent suggestions for using the "Majic" brand tractor paint from Tractor Supply Company as an alternative to topside paint.

Wow! While the paint is tough as nails on it's own, when you add the enamel hardener it is extremely tough (almost like another gel coat) and looks great rolled on, and virtually brand new when sprayed on. I got the low cost sprayer from Harbor Freight and it worked excellent after I cleaned and adjust it.

I used the Gloss White with hardener for the exterior of the boat and mixed 1qt of the Ford Blue and approximately 1.5oz of Gloss white for the interior (with hardener) to get a very close to Whaler Blue color. It looks fantastic and is not possible to scratch after about two days of curing. The paint is $12.99qt at TSC in Maine and if you want to add harder it's $15 can, though it's not at all necessary.

The exterior was shot with my spray gun, but I rolled the interior with a 6" roller with multi surface nap.

I also was able to salvage the seats and used the Rustoleum Spar boat varnish $13.57 I will also use the Rustoleum anti-fouling paint $36.48qt (both are sold at Lowes in Maine) for the bottom since I might keep this boat on a mooring next year.


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