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Lobsters and a new boat

After Kelen complaining that the boat was too small and unstable, actually it was a very stable and fast MFG, I decided to search for something a bit more substantial and stable. As luck would have it I found an old "Shore Lake Tri-14" (they were bought by Lund in the 60's) in New Hampshire for $75.

It has several small patches on the keel where you'd expect for an old fiberglass boat, and the transom has been beefed up to handle a larger outboard according to the previous owner, otherwise it is in excellent condition and very solid.

The boat is heavy at 230lbs but not unreasonable for me to move around. Though the gunwale is aluminum, it's surprisingly thick and one long piece and after looking around the whole boat, it's in excellent condition. It has two sets of oarlock sockets, they're in excellent condition too. The seats are well weathered but not punky, the wood is absolutely solid. It has an interesting shape, but according to the previous owner was very stable.

Surprisingly even the gelcoat is in excellent condition, though it's a horrible "marsh green" from the factory, but that's nothing some new white topcoat wont fix! I'll touch up the patched areas with some new glass, sand and clean it and then put some new topside on it and probably some anti fouling paint on the bottom.

The interior I'll use some grey topside and keep it simple.


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