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Little red scooter

Kelen and I picked up an old 1981 Honda SR NX50 scooter a couple weeks back, it took some tinkering but it runs pretty good and after putting the correct spark plug in it it's got good power (for 49cc) for a 30+ year old scooter.

These were only made for a couple of years before Honda started making the popular NC 50's that you still see around.

I'm thinking it would make a good scooter for the coast to drive down to the beach or Keag to pick up the paper.

It pretty much starts on the first kick and the engine is Honda reliable so I got it street registered and Kelen has driven it just in front of the house and I've ridden around town with it, not the fastest scooter but I've have some interesting questions about it and people are always a bit surprised to hear that it's as old as it is.

Here's a little video of Kelen riding on the street in front of our house, hopefully Kati will give it a try, that should be fun!

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