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It did not take long after the boat was righted, to get it glassed, and gel coated, then get my rails mounted and a front seat made.  With that done, it was time to launch!  Kati joked that she knew it was traditional to christen a boat with a bottle champagne smashed over the bow, but maybe until we know it won't break the boat in half we just share a bottle of soda water.  So that is what we did sitting at the Keag store waiting for the tide, I wanted a low tide to try and determine where a good spot to set a mooring next year would be. So I launched a heavily repaired boat I had never had in the water, with an untested at sea engine, at an astronomically low tide, without a proper christening.  What could go wrong?


As fate would have it... nothing really went wrong.  I did forget the plug for the through hull drain, resulting in water gushing up while under power until I plugged it with a water bottle, otherwise the boat rides high and dry, just a fantastic little boat!

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