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When I started this project I had done work on wooden, aluminum and fiberglass boats but nothing as ambitious as this. I wasn't just patching holes, bracing a gunnel, or caulking seams, but was making significant structural repair.  Once I had the bottom glassed, it was time to fair it, then, apply the gel coat.  Unfortunately the gel coat I ordered never came, so as not to waste more time, I decided to use a laminating and then top gel coat with an off color I had, figuring if the boat actually holds together once I get it in the water, maybe next Spring I will use the color matched gel coat.


Once I had the gel coat on it was time to flip the boat over, for the first time in two decades as one hull again.  I could not stop looking at it, after that it was outside to repeat the same process on the top side.  But before that, I added two layers of 1708 with epoxy on the inside of the bottom hull. Once dry, I filled the void with Gorilla Glue (a great foam) and glassed it over.

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