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Welcome to my homepage!


I was born and raised in mid-coast Maine and have traveled, lived and worked in the US and Europe.  For the last 20 years I have lived in Lewiston Maine with my wife Kati (a native of Budapest Hungary), son Kelen and three Mini Schnauzers; Harry, Blossom and Fred who are all rescue dogs.

Currently I work for a Boston based property management company, and am positioned here in Maine in HUD subsidized multifamily and senior housing.  I hold a Masters degree in rehabilitation, am a certified Professional Resident Service Coordinator (PSC) through the American Association of Service Coordinators, and am ABD in my doctoral work in the role of liberal arts in higher education.


I have a broad range of interests from fly fishing and cryptocurrency to motorcycles and tiny homes.  Above is the tiny home we built as a summer cottage in mid-coast Maine where I grew up it is constructed similar to Finnish cottages of my family's background.

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